About Vital Flex Core Ab Stimulator

1. Does Vital Flex Core work?

Yes, Vital Flex Core helps build abs and burns belly fat by using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This method has been found effective, even for people who don’t exercise at all.

The Vital Flex Core Abs Stimulator allows you to achieve deep, intense, and full muscular contractions without activating your central nervous system, joints, or tendons. It triggers muscle contractions using electrical impulses that directly stimulate your motor neurons.

2. How often can I use Vital Flex Core?

For optimal results, use it for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times per week.

3. Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! Vital Flex Core is entirely safe. However, individuals with implanted medical devices should avoid using it.

4. Can I use it during workouts?

Yes, you can! While it’s suitable for use during exercise, it’s recommended to use it after your workout for better results.

5. Any precautions to be aware of?

It’s advisable not to use EMS devices if you have an electronic implant (defibrillator, pacemaker, etc.) or if you have heart conditions. Additionally, pregnant individuals or those with cancer/epilepsy should avoid use.

6. Is it an American-made product?

Yes, it is! Vital Flex Core is proudly designed by a United States-owned company.

7. What if I’m not satisfied?

No worries! The company provides a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can return your order within 90 days from the original receipt date.



Q: How do I check the status of my order?

A: Upon placing your order, please allow up to 3 business days to have your order processed. Our fulfillment warehouses pack your ordered item(s) and ship the package(s) out as soon as possible. Once you order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number to your order.

You may also visit our website at any time and click on our “Track Your Order” page to find the real-time update of your shipment. If you did not receive the order tracking number or did not find any updates under our “Track Your Order” page after 5 business days, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to investigate.

Q: How do I order on your website?

A: Simply find the product you’d want and click the ‘Add To Cart’ button. Fill in your shipping and billing information and we’ll have your order shipped to you as soon as possible!



Q: How much is shipping?

A: We offer FREE shipping worldwide for all orders!

Q: How long does shipping takes?

A: The estimated delivery time is around 2 weeks, which may vary depending on delivery location.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: YES! We ship to countries worldwide so that people in any countries can enjoy our products!

For details, please visit the shipping page.


Returns & Exchanges

Q: Does Vital Flex Core provide a quality guarantee for all the products being sold?

A: Absolutely! If you find damages to the product, contact us immediately! We do all we can to ensure your best shopping experience. You can simply contact us and we’ll get it addressed!

Q: Do you offer a refund if the product has defects?

A: Absolutely! We offer a full refund on your order if you find any defects. Simply visit our refund policy page for complete details. If you have any additional questions that has not been addressed in our FAQ. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: Is your website secure with my personal information?

A: Absolutely! We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. We do not store your credit card information and it will be used one-time only upon purchasing of your product. Then your credit card information will be purged.